Why are you doing this?

This project began after many conversations among friends involving the best kind of government/society. The conclusion simply put was a macro solution for many of society’s ills were not feasible. Looking at the wider political system we live in, you begin to see why. There are lots of competing interests just look at the candidates for the upcoming 2020 presidential election. No one group has either the numbers or political will to make what we see as the necessary changes. However, on a micro scale, we believe we can setup a community in which to live that is better than our current situations

Why include other people?

This was a discussion among our members. On the one hand having a small established group with a similar ideology is good, we simply do not have sufficient numbers to implement our project. We need a larger population to enable proper divisions of labor. Same goes for resources for our infrastructure. We do still intend to keep our numbers relatively small.

What is your population goal?

Depending on family sizes, skills, and available resources we are shooting for between 200-400 people in our planned community. If successful and our population increases we may consider either expanding our community or creating another “location”.

Where is your community located?

We are still evaluating a few sites, but unless something changes. We will either be Illinois or Pennsylvania. This is for proximity of members, cost/quality of land, and certain political realities.

Why should I join?

You should consider joining if you want to be part of our community. Our community’s goal is for everyone in it to prosper. This isn’t some 1960s style commune, our aim to implement a sort of laissez-faire feudalism. There will be hard work ahead for everyone in our group, this is not some sort of free ride. But we believe the effort is well worth the reward.

Are you socialists/communists?

No we are not socialist or communists. Most of our group are firmly in the capitalist camp of economic theory. Our project however won’t fit into any existing classification, we believe what we are building here is something old, familiar, and oddly enough new.

What is laissez-faire feudalism?

This is a very long answer. If you become a member or our project you will have an opportunity to help shape what laissez-faire feudalism will become.

From a structural perspective, our community will be sectioned off in more or less a feudal style. This will act as the backbone of our community both in management and in culture. Unlike traditional feudalism, there are no ridged class constraints. People of merit should and will rise to the top of our community. It’s only through great leadership and vision that our community will exist and prosper.

Philosophically we lean more to a renaissance style humanist approach. People in of themselves have value. In our community, we will have no poverty and people will have opportunities to better themselves. However, just like in our modern world people will be better or worse at succeeding. Eliminating poverty is not the same as a classes less community.

Are you secessionists?

Heavens no. We are also not part of the sovereign citizens movement. Most would agree, being an American citizen is almost like hitting the lottery in today’s world. Many of our members are from military families, we see our community as an insular community. This doesn’t take away from being American with all the rights and responsibilities there within.

Are you a cult?

That is a long running joke between members. But no we aren’t a cult. Traditionally cults isolate it’s members from their families, society, media, etc. Cults generally also have odd religious beliefs and most try some form of brain washing. We, on the other hand, encourage family connections, independent thinking and low latency high speed internet access. If you can’t stream 4K is life really worth living? We will surely have our own cultural eccentricities and our way of doing things as the community grows and evolves but our community is about transparency and inclusion.

Are you a religion?

No we are not a religion. Our members are predominately Christian (Protestant and Cathloic) but we have members that are Norse, Pagan, Atheist, etc.

Where can I learn more?

We encourage anyone interested to check out our reddit community. https://www.reddit.com/r/LuxEnimProject/ Feel free to post any questions you may have.

What happens is I join.

Once you apply for membership, we will setup a call for you. During this call we will ask you a few questions and see if you are a good fit for our group. You are also welcome to ask any questions you’d like during the call. After we have time to process everything from the call we will let you know about your membership.

If you are invited to join the project, that’s when the fun begins. You’ll be introduced to the rest of our community and given a login to the site. Here you can see the community status, volunteer on some our projects inside of the community, and various social activities that are going on.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, there is no fee for membership or application. We are looking for like minded individuals that share a common vision and goal. There will be plenty to do, for our vision to become a reality, and we will need a helping hand to get there.