Our Project

Our Goal

Our goal with Lux Enim is to create a self sufficient community. This will include power generation, sanitation, food production, medical facilities, light manufacture, education, as well as tourism.


Our community will be built with an inspired medieval design. The community will loosely be based off of a manor house with accompanying lands. The reason for this is two fold.

First it provides an excellent model for ecological design. Being green is not only good for the environment but also reduces capital costs.

Second, this will also allow the community to produce revenue through tourism.

Power Generation

The community will be on gird in the sense power will available if necessary from the local power grid. The goal is to produce more power than is consumed, selling the excess to the local grid (Grid Tie).

Power will be generated using solar, wind, and if possible hydro. Our initial goal is to install a 45KW solar panel system, this will provide an estimated 100-150 KW of power per day. Excess energy will initially be stored in lifepo4 style power walls, aiming for 100kwh storage capacity. This should provide enough power for initial construction of the gate house.

As the community progresses, wind turbines will be added. An initial install will provide an additional 50KW of power per day to offset energy usage at night. Solar will then be extended to by another 100KW-200KW. Battery capacity will be increased to 250kwh. We estimate that this will be sufficient for initial off grid needs.

Food Production

We will concentrate on highly productive vegetables, fruits, and live stock. We will have the capacity to grow grain if necessary, however at the current time it is far more cost effective to simply purchase grain in bulk.

Space will also be set aside for an orchard as well as a vineyard. The community should be able to produce ciders, wine, and beer in house. The surplus of these activities can be sold for additional revenue.

Medical Facilities

We intend to add a basic medical office to the community. It will be a hybrid of a primary care office and an urgent care facility. The urgent care facility will also take patients not part of our community. This will provide additional revenue to continue funding our project.

Light Manufacturing

To be as self sufficient as possible, we will have the ability for some basic manufacturing. This will be done through 3d printers, cnc machines, and other readily available products. Most items would still be purchased from the wider market.


As we will have many families in our community, providing education will be a primary concern. Our educational system will be geared to community needs with both apprenticeship and college avenues.


From a finical side of things, tourism has the potential to be the most lucrative activity. Some of the activities we can do are renaissance fairs, wedding revenue, boutique inn, restaurant, winery, jousting school, horse back riding, etc. If done properly, these activities can produce large amount of income for the community and at the same time impact day to day living little.