Who We Are

The short answer is we are a group of like minded individuals that want to build a better community to live in.

The long answer is we are a group of diverse professionals that have a passion for this project. We want to build a better community. A community where all members are supported and everyone can prosper, a unified front to life as it were. We are not a commune, religion, co-op, socialist experiment, separatist group, etc. We are just a good old fashion group of Yankees with an idea. Our community takes a hybrid approach to several economic theories, laissez-faire feudalism may be the best way to describe our vision.

Some professions of our group are

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Engineers
  • Therapists
  • Software Engineers
  • Teachers
  • PR professionals
  • Finance professionals
  • Bakers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Chefs